Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Ordinary

The Ordinary will open at 3:00pm today.  I have the good fortune of the majority of my restaurant projects turning out as something I am proud of.  I have the greater fortune of becoming close friends with many of my clients. But, The Ordinary may be a little extra special. 

Extra special not just because of the local, regional and even national anticipation of its opening, but because I got to build this with Mike and Adam who I consider close friends, peers and golf cohorts.  FIG was the first restaurant I worked on and it is about to turn 10 in 2013, which means in a way that Mike, Adam and I have been planning The Ordinary for ten years.  The Ordinary is not perfect in any of our minds, but it was our opportunity to do most things the was they should be done without un-due compromise.  As with ALL projects it is not complete at opening - there is decor and curtains and punch list remaining but it is pretty wonderful if I do say so.  

Thank you Adam and Mike for the opportunity to be on the team again.  Thank you and congratulations to Mark, Isaac and Andy of ReNew Urban, Dave Dawson and Urban Electric Company, Russ Stillwell and Next Step Design, Jeff Mair at Berlins, Reclaimed Woodworks, Bob Hines Studio, Josh and Helen of Fuzzco, Brooks at The Ordinary, and Justin Feit at David Thompson Architect.  

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